T3 Truck Trailer & Tire is the only Greater Cincinnati/Norther Kentucky service suppliers that can complete full inspection of your bucket truck including DOT and Dielectric Inspection & Testing AND perform ALL repairs of any issues found!

  • OSHA requires that insulated bucket trucks be tested on an annual basis to insure they retain their insulating properties.
  • OSHA states “Live line tool (for example hot sticks, switch sticks, shotgun sticks) must be removed from service at least every 2 years for examination, cleaning, and testing.

T3 Truck Trailer & Tire can test your bucket truck and complete ALL required repairs for;

  • Annual Dielectric Testing (with our mobile unit at your site)!
  • Visual Inspection- worn/damaged parts, structural, safety devices, lubrication.
  • Functional Test- controls, speeds, limits of motion, safety devices, moving parts, structural components.
  • FWHA Inspection- a thorough inspection of the vehicle and chassis.

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