T3 Truck Trailer & Tire understands the importance of your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and the maintenance required to optimum performance.

A clean filter results increased engine efficiency extending filter life and saving you money while a plugged filter results in reduced power.

To service your medium and heavy-duty truck, T3 Truck Trailer & Tire has state of the art equipment including extensive computer diagnostic equipment and trained diesel technicians to diagnose and repair all problems.

Our goal is to keep your equipment on the road while operating efficiently and generating revenue.

T3 Truck Trailer & Tire will meet or beat our competition in both price and wait times.

T3 Truck Trailer & Tire has the preventative maintenance solutions for your DPF system including:

  • State of the art equipment to clean the system

  • Computer software to diagnose

  • Experienced technicians

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